10S Fork


Scientifically proven

Less calories

Satiety comes within 20 minutes, so the slower you eat, the less you will eat.

Scientifically Proven :
Slow / Fast : 11% difference in calories intake.
Slow rates of ingestion led to significant decreases in energy intake (quick: 645.7; slow: 579.) – Melanson Study 2008.
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Less Fatigue
Because of the slower metabolic response that comes from your digestive organs (pancreas, liver, intestines).
Scientifically Proven :
« Postprandial somnolence is a normal state of drowsiness following a meal… The increased sleepiness is thought to be caused by hormonal and neurochemical changes related to the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream and its downstream effects […] »
– Wikipedia

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More flavors

Because of food volatiles exposed longer to your taste sensors.

Scientifically Proven :
Analysis of the human airway to enhance transport of food volatiles underlying retronasal smell during expiration and on the opposite orthonasal direction towards the lung during inspiration.
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Lose Weight

Feel great !

Natural detox

Better digestion


Medical explanation

Product footage

It works ! User testimonial

Harmonious jaw development
Less Fatigue
Enjoy !
Lower peak of glycemia
Lower stomach dilatation that stretches waistline
Healthier Metabolic response
Weight loss : Multiple user testimonials of 9 pounds loss the first month

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Technical specifications of the 10S fork

Patents :

The technology is covered by four patents

– Hand to mouth measure with a fork

– Capacitive detection with a fork

– Mechanical cooperation between electronic key /handle / fork head

– Special knife cooperating with fork

Specs :

Length: 7.87 inches // 200 mm

– Width: 1 inch // 24.5 mm

– Height: 2/3 inches // 15.70 mm

– Weight: 0.14 pound // 65 gr

Fork Handle :

– Fits both electronically and mechanically with the electronic key

Guide: my fork / my body

Electronic Key :

– Micro USB connector

– Lithium Polymer Battery + 3.7 V

– Microcontroller: ARM® Cortex®-M0 Processor

– Capacitive detection

– User feedback: 1 vibrating feedback + 2 LEDs

– 2 plastic shell components

Hardware and software compatibility :

Technical Distinctions

Multifunctional Platform

Set up goals

  • Adjust your objectives
  • Watch your progress


  • With your nutritionist
  • Within dedicated groups you can create or join

Full meal data

  • Time of the meal
  • Speed
  • Overflows

Keep your journal

  • Pictures of the meal
  • Calories
  • Emotional state



Elected in top three innovations  by French Diabetics Association (2014).

Weight loss

Guest speaker at Harvard Medical School for Health Eating Tracking Hackaton (2015).

Bariatric surgery

Invited by Covidien to join European Bariatric Congress, top three innovations  (2014).

« There is no simple intervention, objective, durable and reproducible to allow weight loss.
Slow Control could allow a care combining these four qualities. »

Docteur Yann Consigny, Gastro enterologist

« People go on diet because they think the answer comes with food.
They are wrong, the answer comes mostly from the eating behaviour. »

Docteur Arnaud Cocaul, Nutritionist-Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital

« Every bite is a possible teaching experience »

Ryan Lawler, Techcrunch

« I need to lose a few pounds, so I want to do things seriously.
This week i lost 4 pounds , just eating slowly.
I realize how much I ate quickly…. »

Sarah G

« Within a month I dropped 9 pounds.
Habits come in slowly, but for sure.
Thanks for your invention »

Christian P

« The slow eating approach has the advantage of being sustainable over the long term, unlike most diets »

Geert Schmid-Schonbein, research study co-author and - UCSD University