In today’s world,
it is an enormous challenge to eat healthily and mindfully.

Rabbit ipad buddy yum & done by Slowcontrol and Karin Haslinger

Make it easier
Balanced meal
Meal buddies
Educative interaction

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Air alert
Lump alert
Mobile app
Parents’ Messenger
Regurgitation Alert
Baby Journal
Safety with bluetooth shield
Multi users
Follow the caretaker
Full info for the pediatrician
Optimize meal condition

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Non intrusive
Better digestion
Energy Intake
Weight loss
Mindful eating
Type 2 diabetes
Fatty liver


These last decades brought us new food choices, busy timetables,  different lifestyles and social sharing interactions,  now full part of our daily lives.

In regards to eating, body and mindset, which were built slowly over hundred of centuries of evolution, encounter a real challenge to adapt to this brutal change of environment.

By creating smart devices with tailored feedback, Slow Control builds up solutions that enhance your meal experiences.

News from top nutrition experts

They were kind to share their vision on how and where nutrition is heading, making progresses, bringing solutions…