Bottle Alerts

Always Tilted Correctly

Parent Messenger

Stay up to date with your baby’s meals, even when you’re away. The Parent Messenger sends detailed updates concerning each meal, no matter who’s holding the bottle.

Baby’s Journal

View summaries of your baby’s meals organized by day, week, or month. Keep organized records for appointments with your pediatrician.

Multiple Users. Multiple Devices. One Account.

Use multiple smart bottle holders for the same account. Parents, nannies, and other caregivers can all contribute to improving your baby’s well-being with Baby Gigl.

Safety with Bluetooth Shield

Disables Bluetooth during the meal for maximum safety.

Choose your favorite color

Technical specifications for the Baby Gigl

Data :

– Meal times
– Meal duration
– Quantity consumed
– Alerts

Alarms :

– Light alarm
– Sound alarm

Power :

– Rechargeable Micro-USB

Connection / Data transfer :

– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.0)


– IOS: IPhone 4S and later
– IPod touch 4th. gen. and later
– Ipad3, iPad mini and later
– Android: devices with the BLE and Android version 4.3 and later (Samsung galaxy S4 +, HTC M8, etc.)

Patents: :

– Coordinating bi-directional weight sensor and inclinometer
– Pedestal design that accommodates two sleeves

Baby essentials


A newborn drinks 5 to 8 bottles every 24 hours.

Colic, reflux and crying

30% of babies struggle with reflux problems.
45% of bottle-fed babies experience episodes of colic (watch out for air!).

Meals and Digestion

Babies digest 15 hours per day until six months of age. That’s 2,700 hours!


Babies will use between 366 and 430 diapers in their first two months.

Bottle Preference

On average, 56% of newborns drink from bottles immediately after birth according to data collected from 180 countries.

Distraction and Overfeeding

During bottle feeding, “mindless feeding” tends to result in overeating and lower awareness of the infant’s signals.

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