In today’s environment, it is an enormous challenge to eat mindfully and healthily.


These last decades brought us new food choices, busy timetables,  different lifestyles and social sharing interactions,  now full part of our daily lives.

In regards to eating, body and mindset, which were built slowly over hundred of centuries of evolution, encounter a real challenge to adapt to this brutal change of environment.

By creating smart devices with tailored feedback, Slow Control builds up solutions that enhance your meal experiences.

« French women keep a close eye on staying fit and yet don’t deprive themselves from enjoying food and sharing good time during a meal. Our cultural heritage is deeply anchored in traditional culinary arts and fine dining.

This is probably the reason why my wife Nathalie, was sharp at pointing out: how i tended to rush my meals, how a lump blocking the baby bottle nipple could create a mess with mealtime shifts and how my son was trying to skip vegetables to go straight for the chocolate sugar yogurt.

As she raised all these issues, i started to look for solutions. Fortunately, the latest technologies of Internet of Things create smart and instant interactions. They enable to live easily according to the precepts of behavorial nutrition science.

With our team, and with that background, we are working hard at building efficient tools that will enhance your meal experience. »

Jacques Lépine

Founder & CEO Slow Control


Jacques Lépine
Jacques LépineFounder / CEO
Graduated from ENPC engineering school, then with a CEIPI Patent degree, MBA from ENPC.
15 years as IP & innovation consultant.
Second start-up as entrepreneur.
Jean-Luc Bertrand
Jean-Luc BertrandAdvisory Board President
Graduated from ESSEC Business School.
French certified public accountant.
Worked as CFO for established firms (Yves Saint Laurent, Chargeur, Sanofi Beauté), as a founder start up entrepreneur, and now as financial engineering advisor for start-ups.

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Jean-Baptiste Schmauch
Jean-Baptiste SchmauchSales
Paola Hoss
Paola HossPR - Public Relations


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Slow Control was funded by :

– Founder and a group of Business Angels

– Family Office « Monnot Invest »