Description of the 10SFork

The 10SFork is a connected fork that helps you eat more slowly.
The 10SFork enables you to control your speed of food intake (the time of your meals, the length of your meals, the interval between each fork servings). The 10SFork helps you modify your eating behaviour by registering a series of data related to your meals. The Slow Control platform enables you to visualize and to consult your meals data by adding some pictures, comments but also to share these information with your family and health professionals.
10S means 10 seconds.

10 seconds to savour more your meal
10 seconds for your figure
10 seconds for your health
10 seconds to take your time
10 seconds to eat mindfully.

The fork is called 10SFork because the alarm is configured at 10 seconds. This discreet alarm warns you if the interval between two fork servings is too quick meaning under 10 seconds.
By default the 10SFork alarm is configured at 10 seconds. This setting at 10 seconds helps to address the most obvious excesses of a quick eater behaviour but you can modify this alarm to increase or decrease the minimum interval to respect between two fork servings. For instance : if the interval of 10 seconds is for you well acquired, the objective is to optimise at most your level of slow eater and to reach 20 seconds.
The 10SFork has a fork head, a handle, an ON/OFF button or fork serving light, a functioning light, a cap, a protective rubber and a micro USB.
You have the choice between a few colors : black, blue, pink, green apple and silver.
It registers the length of your meals, the average number of fork servings by minute and the interval between each fork servings.

Usage of the 10SFork

The connected fork contains an electronic key. When the user holds his fork and carries it to his mouth, it closes the electronic loop and creates an event. The 10SFork measures the number and frequency of these events during a meal. If the person eats too fast between two fork servings, a slight vibration will appear in the handle. The main objective of the 10SFork is to help you eat more slowly.
All data is made available on your smartphone or computer to give you a representation of your habits through graphs and statistics. You can enrich these data with pictures and comments. If you want to give him the opportunity, your doctor, dietitian or coach can also view your profile and give you recommendations on the basis of his knowledge. These data will also allow you to compare your habits with those of your network or other users of the 10SFork.
You just need to plug your 10SFork via a USB port on your computer with the cable that is provided in the 10SFork box. You will first download and install the slow connect software available at this address : link
You can as well use the transfer via Bluetooth by using the mobile application Slow Control.
The mobile application SLOWCONTROL is available free of charge on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (see compatible models on the product page). You will be able to synchronize your fork 10SFork in a snap !
Therefore you will be able to access at any time to your information on your iPhone or iPad and enhance your eating behaviors.
The 10SFork will be compatible with the Android phones having the version Android 4.3 very soon.
Of course, you can use the 10SFork with your family. The 10SFork is recommended for all ages and especially for your children. By creating an account for each member of your family, you will be able to share your fork and to keep track of one’s eating behaviour.

Well-being and Health

Many health professionals are concerned about the benefits provided by eating slowly and therefore you should feel free to talk to your dietitian or nutritionist.
Your 10SFork will provide data that they can use as part of an existing program to monitor your habits and help you achieve your goals.
The 10SFork can obviously be used with any dish and with any diet. There is no further need to demonstrate the importance of eating healthy and practising regular physical activity to stay in shape. However, many people also tend to neglect the pace at which they eat, how long they spend at the table, depending on the consistency and of course the speed. The 10SFork helps you become aware of your habits and to improve them.
During a meal, satiety is reached after about twenty minutes. By eating slowly, you are thus sated by eating less than if eating quickly. Using the 10SFork enables to track and improve your habits in real time. Weight loss may be an indirect consequence of a better balanced diet.
The 10SFork is aimed to correct behaviors of everyday life that might affect your health or well-being in the long term. It is obviously not necessary to use the fork everyday. It seems that using the fork 5 times a week is enough to bring you significant benefits for your health. The 10SFork helps you become aware of the number of meals you enjoy being seated while taking your time and using a fork. It also allows you to figure the number of « irregular » meals you take.
Not yet, but we want to drive a clinical program with research teams. Once the statistics will be open, we would be glad that you share with the community your collected data of the fork. Current medical studies (link) demonstrate the positive effects on the body of « eating slowly » but the tools to measure everyone’s habits did not exist until now. Pieces of research are yet to come. You can also participate and you can help.

Purchase and maintenance of the 10SFork

The 10SFork is available on our online shop (link), as well as in many shops that you will find by consulting google shop.
The price of the 10SFork is 99€ ATI.
You can clean the 10SFork with water, a sponge and dish soap or in the dishwasher. The electronic key must stay dry. Just pull the cap at the end of the 10SFork handle to remove it.
The 10SFork is guaranteed 1 year.
You will receive one fork 10SFork, 1 assorted knife, 1 USB cable, 1 casing and the manual guide. The web and mobile application is downloadable free of charge from the website.
The battery autonomy is about 10 to 15 days.
To recharge the 10SFork you need to keep it connected to your computer (use the USB cable for this purpose) for about one hour.

10SFork assistance

Your fork has bugged. The causes can be various : they can be linked to an non-compatible recharge of the fork (non adapted cable, charging into a power outlet), an unintended disconnection of your fork while your 10SFork shares information or even a bug on the Slow Control program. Unplug your fork 10SFork and let it completely discharge or extinguish itself. Then reconnect it via the usb cable provided for this purpose in a computer having the
Slow Connect program (PC or Mac) and everything should be back to normal. Otherwise, repeat the operation and contact us if the bug persists.
If the functioning light continues to flash, make sure that you have not activated one of the two filters in the settings of your fork. These filters allow you to use the fork 10SFork with any non-isolated knife but the data won’t be as reliable. If the filter function is disabled in the settings of your fork, it may be that the electronic key is stuck. This phenomenon is most often related to an inadequate handling of the various components of the fork. Contact us in order to get assistance. Manipulation could cancel the guarantee.
We invite you to contact us and to offer you assistance. It may be a manufacturing defect or an inappropriate use of your fork 10SFork. We will offer you a solution.
After each changes in the parameter page, a message confirms the proper consideration of this parameter. You must then synchronize your fork either by connecting it to your computer (with the Slow Connect program) or by using the synchronisation function (see scan) via the Bluetooth of your mobile device having the Slow Control application.