The fork

The 10SFork created by Slow Control is a connected fork that helps you change your eating behaviour by keeping track of your meals data.

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Medical studies

Slow Control and its partner Basil Strategies have analysed the historical background of the medical studies published on the subject of « eating slowly ».

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To go further on the usage of the connected fork and discover anecdotes on the legitimacy of eating slowly.

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« The present scientific data on the treatment of obesity allows us to say that there is no simple intervention, objective, durable and reproducible to allow weight loss. Reducing the speed of food intake with the help of the Slow Control device linked to a software system enabling an interesting feedback could allow a care combining these four qualities. »

Doctor Yann Consigny
Gastro enterologist

« Slow Control enables to reeducate and help some people.

Individuals are lost, this is the reason why they want to go on diet because they think that the answer is necessarily about food, they are wrong, the answer also concerns the eating behaviour. »

Doctor Arnaud Cocaul
Nutritionist-Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital

« Every bite is a potential teaching experience »

Ryan Lawler

Prizes & Awards

Cap’Tronic innovation award for consumption products

Innovation award at the CES 2013

C Net "Best of CES" 2013 Award "Best of CES" 2013 Award


Slow Control received the support and funds in the connected fork project from Europe (FEDER) and the Region Réunion.