Ergonomic spoon triggering animation


Let’s enjoy a balanced meal

Most of the babies have a super picky eaters period between 1 and 3 : new food is not welcome, when not any food.
Taking care of the little one can truly become a hassle.

It is challenging for a baby to concentrate a whole meal long on its plate. He gets easily distracted and wants to leave the table or refuses to eat.

Healthy food and vegetables aren’t necessarily his cup of tea.

And someday even the beloved nanny, daddy or mummy won’t change much to the equation.

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Yum and done, the interactive meal buddies

Your Yum and Done meal buddies are cute and friendly.

They are here to accompany your baby throughout the meal. Together with the little animal character, your young toddler will be amused to eat vegetables and spend good time at the table.

Your baby enjoys the meal and learns to grow-up eating balanced and healthy food.

Hidden technology
The Yum & Done cuddly toy covers the screen. Your kid is not directly exposed to the phone but still takes full benefit of the power of interactivity.

User friendly mobile app

Option 1:
Select your buddy

Option 2:
Select your favorite sounds

Option 3:
Create and record your own sounds

Option 4:
Share  with other users

A whole world 

For the smartphone


The story in a book

For the tablet

Technical specifications

Patent :
2 patents
– Spoon interacting with a buddy
– Buddy special features
Washable detachable spoon head
(can go in the dish washer)
Water resistant spoon handle
(but don’t put it in the dishwasher because of heat !)
– BLE 4.0 communication
– 2 action buttons – on/off button
– 1 battery

BPA free : Safe for kid

– IPhone 4S and the latest versions, iPod touch 4th. gen. and the latest versions
– Android : devices with the BLE and Android version 4.3 and the latest versions ( Samsung galaxy S4, HTC M8 …)